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Get started!

Hello! This whole website that you downloaded is here for you to completely remake. Now I will tell you how. There is more than just one way and it all depends on your skill. This framework is very simplified, so everyone can make their website with just basic knowledge. Let's get to it.

What do you need?

STEP 1 - Where to start exactly?

You can go pretty basic. Just log in to the admin and edit this web in the simplified editor (So simple!). But I recommend the harder option (continue reading).

Start by preparing your favourite editing software. Some people use PSPad, others notepad (which is pretty chaotic, since it doesn't highlight anything) and so on. I recommend my favourite, notepad++, that I use every day. Now, install your software, customize it, prepare yourself. What you need from your editor is to not only let you edit basic text files, but also to highlight used syntax for you. In this case html/5 (alternativelly also css, php and javascript).

And we will need to work with files. So start up whatever you like to get around your files. I like Windows basic explorers, but I also use Total Commander very often. Total Commander is free, so go on and download it, if you like.

You will also need to get your favourite web browser ready. And I can also only recommend my favourites. That is Mozilla Firefox and Opera. But you can use whatever you like, Safari, Chrome, ... (just don't use Internet Explorer and Edge for godness sake)
It's always good to use more browsers since every one of them can interpret your web styles differently and you want to see consistency.

This should be everything you need. You have something to edit files with and something to show you what you did.

Note that if you're running this on a local machine (offline/non-server), you will need a local php server! I, on my machines, am using Wamp Server. Pretty simple to use. You just install that, put all the web files into the "www" folder and go to "http://localhost/". And that's it. This software runs in background and works the same as online server. It does all the php calculations, server restrictions, etc. for you and you can do your stuff.

STEP 2 - Necessary changes

First you will need to do is to go to ".../pages/" ("..." means your folder with this framework) and open "index.php". You will see some kind of crazy file, but don't worry, don't get scared. It's fine. I will get you through this.

Requirements: PHP 5.0 MySQL (?)