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KSSWF | infobox


Infobox(string message, string type, string posx, string posy);

function infobox pops up a predefined message window.

string message expects a text/string value of any kind. This could be something like "ERROR 1234", etc.

string type expects a value { "warning", "info"(default), "none" } or you could leave it empty ("") which chooses default option.

(optional) string posx,posy expects a string -> number followed by type such as "100px", or "10%"; if set to "-1", or not set it will set itself as default (That is set by the correct template css).

This function should always be used with a $_GET[''] variable!

Usage example

		Infobox("This is a testing pop-up infobox.","info", "40px", "50px");
	echo "<a href='".$after_link."?w=".$this_w."&test=1'>Test this and show me an infobox!</a>";


Test this and show me an infobox!