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KSSWF | icon


Icon(string type, int size (optional) );

function icon searches in it's preset icon callers and returns an icon in the form of the correct html tag for the text symbol using font awesome resources. This means that the font icons won't work if your project is offline.

string type expects a value such as "globe", etc. (preset values in the table below)

int size (optional) expects a value between 0 - 3, where 0 is normal size and 3 is huge.

Note that with update to framework version 0.3.37a+ the icon function can use even values that are not in the preset table. Update v0.4.00a set the size parameter as optional and brought the update of Font Awesome to 5.1 .

Usage example

		echo "Some kind of example text and icon globe size 0 - ".icon("globe",0);
	<!-- ... some html tags ... -->
	<div class="something">
		<?php echo icon("user-c",2);?>

Table of preset icons

type size 0 size 1 size 2 size 3